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Recruitment Services

"Traditional" Executive Search and Selection
working with you to identify, attract and recruit senior and/or specialist staff for your UK operation. We will supply a short list of candidates meeting your requirements,   

all of whom have been interviewed by Estrelas, who have been briefed on your business and requirements and who are motivated to join your company.

Total Recruitment Management
Sometimes you may require the services of recruiters who specialise in particular job functions or technical skills. Finding, hiring and managing those recruiters is time consuming and tiresome. Estrelas, through our extensive contacts and membership of the largest recruiting consortium in the UK,  

has access to all of the recruiters you may need. In fact we work with them so you don’t have to! You brief and engage only Estrelas – the rest is transparent to you.

Interim Management Provision
senior, specialist self-employed individuals (part or full time) to meet a short term or specialist need without adding to payroll headcount – a great solution in a start-up context to get you up to speed quickly.

We work with you from initial enquiry to successful appointment and beyond.

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