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Inward Investment

We have specific and lengthy experience of recruiting UK staff for overseas companies setting up in the UK as well as those who have established an operation here which is managed from a distance and which is growing.

Recruiting those initial, key personnel and early stage employees is critical to the success of a new operation. Hiring the very best available, and those equipped to succeed in start-up mode, remote from most of their colleagues, will help gain more rapid traction in your new market.

Setting up a subsidiary in the UK is neither expensive nor onerous as long as attention is paid to detail and processes are correctly followed and completed. Estrelas works with a variety of third party, tried and tested service providers to ensure our clients have access to all the support services they may require from opening a bank account,   through incorporation, taxation, employee benefits to market research and more.

Recruiting in a new market merits special attention, requiring as much care as location selection, corporate structure, marketing strategy etc. Whilst your company name may be well known in your domestic market or niche, that may not yet be the case here. Even if you have existing UK customers, distributors or agents, your UK company is still a start-up.  As such, joining you will be perceived as a risk by the best candidates. You should work with your chosen recruiter to articulate the proposition which will appeal to the candidate pool you wish to attract. Even in a tough employment market, the best candidates will have other options.

It is a good idea to engage with a local recruiter at the earliest opportunity if possible before key decisions such as location selection are made.  A good recruiter will provide a professional view of the national and regional market in the UK for the skills you seek, as well as providing useful information on issues such as remuneration. If a recruiter shows little interest ahead of a real vacancy find another one!

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