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Collaborations & Partnerships

Recruitment is just one issue facing companies as they invest in the UK.

We work alongside a variety of organisations which specialise in providing advice and support to those same companies.

In addition, Estrelas is a member of two of the largest consortia of independent recruitment firms in the world.

Here are some of the relationships of which we are proud and which help us to function most effectively:

The UK Market Access Program provides practical help to foreign owned companies in becoming established in the UK market in an efficient and cost effective way. It is an alliance of highly experienced businesses in the UK who have come together to support both businesses which are new to the UK market and those which have existing sales in the UK, through a distributor or through direct sales, and who now wish to have their own company.

TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement) is the largest association of independent recruiters in the UK with currently over 400 membership locations.

We are one of only a very small number of UK recruitment companies accredited by UK Government as recommended members of their Advisory Network.

NPA is a global network of premier independent recruiters working cooperatively to serve clients around the world.

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