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About us

Fresh – Dynamic – Innovative - Forward thinking – Unique – Dedicated – Professional
How many did I miss?   These words are on a multitude of recruitment company web sites.
Do they apply to Estrelas? Probably not – well, not all of them - and not all of the time.
You, our clients,  will be the judge of the adjectives which describe us.
What do we do? We are a generalist Search & Selection Consultancy with a focus on UK based roles. Most of our assignments are from middle management to board level across the spectrum of industrial and commercial sectors.

In addition, we supply self-employed Interim Managers – a great solution for gap management, special projects and for launching a new UK operation. We are proud to be a member of the UK's largest consortium of independent recruiters - TEAM,   affiliated to NPA, the international recruitment network. These associations and our own recruiter network built up over more than 25 years allow us to manage complex, multi-vacancy recruitment projects,  and to identify niche recruitment specialists when needed. This means you need deal with only one recruitment firm – whatever your requirement.

And what don’t we do? We are not HR practitioners, nor Career Management specialists, rewards management consultants or outplacement specialists. If those are skills you need to access – ask us – we’ll find the right provider to meet your needs.

Most of our recruitment is for overseas companies starting up in the UK. Inward Investment is a specialist niche, in which companies need access to a raft of support and services to get up to speed quickly. That’s why we are a key Partner in the UK Market Access Program (UKMAP).This is a UK wide program populated by companies with vast experience in establishing and growing a UK operation from scratch.

We are one of just a handful of UK recruitment companies chosen to work with UK government as members of the UK Advisory Network to help overseas companies establish themselves in the UK.

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